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Are you looking to add the Vajacial to your service menu? Great! It’s a really popular service. Women love to remove the hair from down there but don’t use any products to care for the area once the hair is removed. As a consequence many suffer from dark spots and impacted pores due to ingrown hairs. The Vajacial offers these women treatment and relief.

I have performed hundreds of Vajacials and I am here to tell you, customers expect results. Never under estimate what a customer knows. When a customer books a service they know what they want and have an idea of what to expect. When a service is completed and the customer feels dis-satisfied, most don’t complain, they just won’t return.

The Vajacial crash course covers 5 different Vajacial treatments that address common issues caused by ingrown hairs. After this course you will know how to complete a standard Vajacial, know how and when to execute different therapies which treat ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, and textured skin.

The Vajacial is a service many people need and want. Offering the Vajacial will definitely have customers walking through the door. Delivering visible results will have your clients not only coming back to you over and over again, but they will tell everyone else about you too! Get and keep clients by meeting their expectations. Become certified in 5 different types of Vajacial treatments today!

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