Dear Diary

Chit Chat GRWM

FIRED!!!! Over and over again.

It literally didn’t matter what I did.

I tried everything. What if I do this .. what if I do that .. come early, stay late. Be passive be assertive .. be quiet .. be talkative .. same result .. every time .. FIRED!!!

I hear stories of how people tell their boss off .. always calling out .. all types of stuff .. and they didn’t get fired. And there I was I couldn’t pay those people to let me do RIGHT on the job! Those types of tales used to piss me off ..

In this realm, the firings were unjust ..unfair .. unwarranted .. but in the spirit realm .. I was me being guided and pushed towards destiny. It was God closing every door, ejecting me from every room I was never meant to be in. God didn’t see fit for me to be used in those spaces. He wanted me here with you and the other amazing women in this community.

Troubles Turned into Triumphs

I like to tell my own story. There is no truth anyone can tell about me that I am not willing to tell about myself. I know people felt good to talk about me for having so many degrees and not being able to keep a job. Some found it funny, some had fake sympathy, some thought they had a dirty little secret on me that they could hold over my head and snicker behind my back about. A lot of people was glad to see me in such a low state. They counted me out. But when my dream died, God’s plan was birthed.

I Trust in God’s timing.

I believe in God’s will.

I am so grateful for Gods guidance. I would not be here if it were not for the closed doors. I read somewhere once that no is an acronym for “new opportunity”. I couldn’t agree more. I took that perspective on and I have experienced unimaginable joy. Simply knowing I will never be fired again is so freeing. God is amazing. And if He did it for me, He will do it for your too.

In the Potter’s Hands

No testimony without the test!

Thank You God for shaping and molding me into the woman You want me to be.

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