Hi! I’m Kiki!! And makeup is not only my profession, it’s my LIFE! I would do it for free. And for many years, I actually did. My mom likes to say I have been doing makeup since I was 9 lol. But I like to say I’ve been doing it over 15 yrs. I can remember getting myself and my neighbors ready for our 8 grade dances and high school photos.

I started Optimal Beauty back in 2009. At first, it was on and off. Taking work in salons and doing side jobs here and there. But now it is my full time job and I have to say, I couldn’t have a better boss 😉 Thanks to a host of people that not only love what I do but believe in me, I have had some amazing opportunities! But what I love most is working with the everyday woman: the  moms, the nurses, the students, and wives. They are the REAL superstars!

I absolutely love to transform women into their higher selves. And watching them blossom, is the best part of my job. I take pride in empowering all of my divas with the proper tools and techniques to not only look good, but feel good. All women are beautiful. No matter the age, size, or color.

Through blogging and vlogging, I can work with women from where ever when ever by sharing my knowledge of beauty, technique, and products across the globe, right here, on the world wide web!

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