Becoming an Esthetician. Is it Worth it?

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So that I don’t leave you in limbo let me answer the question now, YES! As you will see when you watch the video, an Esthetician does many things and has many choices when it comes to career opportunities. Of course working in a spa is an obvious option but an Esthetician can also work on cruise ships, at waxing centers, lash boutiques and undoubtedly become an entrepreneur.

Allow me to dive into what an Esthetician is for a moment, because I personally had no idea. When I was in the process of choosing a beauty school I would ask everyone ” what’s the difference between the cosmetology program and the Esthetician program”? I didn’t get a clear answer for weeks, MONTHS!

Let me tell you right now, everyone will try to sell you on the cosmetology program. A cosmetology program is longer and of course cost more money. People will tell you with a cosmetology license you can do everything, but there is a caveat.

The main focus of a cosmetology program is hair. Cosmetologist learn everything there is to know about hair. A cosmetology program will only teach a basic facial, basic manicure, basic pedicure, etc.

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An Esthetican learns more than the basic facial. An esthetics program teaches skin care in-depth. Estheticians learn the skin inwards and outwards. The different layers of the skin and how each layer functions.

Mastering this knowledge is required to graduate beauty school and most certainly required to become licensed in any state. An Esthetician is essentially a medical professional. Many work alongside Dermatologist. It is an Estheticians role to treat conditions of the skin topically, while doctors usually prescribe medications that work internally.

An Estheticians job is to beautify. Estheticians leave the skin looking glowy and feeling soft by treating it with products and medical modalities such as chemical peels. An Esthetician removes unwanted hair by waxing. An Esthetician does makeup, lashes, eyebrows and more. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS!

If you want to learn how to treat everyday skin conditions such as acne, learn the proper technique used to extract impacted pores, be able to identify product ingredients, know the benefits of such ingredients, and study clinical therapies used to treat skin, become an Esthetician.

Watch the video below to learn more about what an Esthetician does and what you can expect from Esthetics school. If you need a mentor click here. Also be sure to check out my Esthetic and beauty business courses.

If you are located in Chicago Illinois and looking to enroll in an Esthetics program or cosmetology program consider Dudley’s Beauty College.