Less Than 2 Years

In a little over a year I will be 35 years old! 😱😱😱 and I plan on being in the BEST shape of my life! I have already made several healthy lifestyle changes and I will be on a weight loss journey as well. I have done the drop down fast thing and I tell […]

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Good Doesn’t Equal Expensive

OMG LA Girl is KILLIN the beauty supply cosmetics game! First they came out with these awesome concealers that’s really easy to blend and they come in a variety of shades. Not to mention their a STEAL!!! Only 2 bucks!! .. now they hit us with these super intense super pigmented high shine eucalyptus based […]

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I Like It!

So! In my latest blog Product Junkie I mentioned that I recently purchased a new beeswax edge tamer by Murray’s I was thrilled to try as a styler. I initially wanted to use it on a blow out but again I’m focused on protecting my hair so I opted out of the heat. Plus I’m […]

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