The Babe Lash

Feminine and flirty. Light density. 3D mink


The Bossy Lash

Bold wisp. Heavy medium density. 5D mink


The Black Lash

Soft drama. Light to medium density. 3D mink


The Beautiful Lash

Sultry. Medium heavy density. 3D mink


The Blessed Lash

So dainty, classy and pretty . Light density. 3D mink


Up to 30 wears for all lash styles

Lash Care Tips:

Removing Glue from Lash Band

  • To remove excess build up of glue gently run alcohol soaked Q-tip across lash band. The Q-tip should not be dripping. Hold the lash by the hair fibers and carefully remove reside from band. Gently comb thru lash with a lash comb or spoolie. Place the strip lash back in its original lash tray to help the lash hold its shape. Close lash tray to prevent bacteria and dust from settling on the mink eyelashes and enjoy!

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