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Best Foundation for Mature Acneic Skin

Throughout the years my makeup and makeup technique has changed. It had to! Some things that worked for me as a young girl definitely would fail me as a woman. One thing that has not changed is my skin type. I have oily skin and because of that I am prone to acne. Fighting acne while aging, omg, someone pour me a drink.

Thank God for makeup! It has helped me in more ways I can explain. I am so grateful to have a tool which helps me look and feel my best. My mature oily skin needs a lightweight, soft-matte, full coverage foundation and I have found all 3 in one product.

Although a little bit of the Chanel ULTRA LE TEINT goes a long way I find it looks most beautiful when I build it up. And of course it has the signature Chanel scent. I am pretty sure this foundation will not disappoint anyone in need of a matte foundation, however, if you have the same skin type (oily) and skin condition (acne) as me I urge you to try this beauty out.

My Shade: BD131

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