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Products Used:

MAC Paint Pot Painterly
MAC Prep & Prime Skin Base Visage

Lancome Teint Suede 24Hr 500

Anastasia Brow Pomade Ebony
Milani Brow Kit in Dark
MAC Mac Paint Pot Painterly

MAC Gesso

MAC Ground Brown

MAC Red Brick

MAC Brown Script

MAC Expresso

Inglot Gel Eyeliner #77

Maybelline Lash Sensational

MAC Blush Film Noir
MAC Blush in Blunt

MAC Pro Longwear NC45


NYX White Eyeshadow Base

UD Primer Potion

Iman Sable

Lorac Tantalizer
MAC Golden Bronze Iridescent Powder

Setting Powder
Coty Translucent

Finishing Spray
Mario Badescu Rosewater

Beautique Sienna (Sally’s)

Shea Moisture Reina

HOL Iconic


Elf Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection *available here*

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Sephora #19 & #57

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I think everyone has a love hate relationship with wash day. We love to slow down, pamper ourselves, and give our bodies some much needed TLC but that tender love and care takes lots of work patience and time. Every natural knows wash day is an all-day event which makes it kinda dreadful. But knowing what works for you personally and sticking to a formula helps.

For this hairstyle I wanted to keep the product use light once again. I heard somewhere that those awful white flakes are a result of saturating the hair too much with styler so these days I opt for the Crème of Nature Foaming Mousse.



It works on wet or dry hair and leaves me with a firm yet soft hold. I never experience crunch or flakes when I use the “liquid gold” that’s why when in doubt I turn to what I know works. Check out my #washday video to see how I achieved this look and visit Sally’s for the styling mousse.




There is one thing EVERY naturalista must have .. options! Being #TeamNatural ain’t easy, and it surely isn’t cheap. There are occasions we just don’t have the money or time to make some of our favorite hairstyles, so in those instances, we need other options! I love to rock hats, scarves, and wigs. These options are not only quick easy and cute, they are also protective. They give your tresses a chance to just chill. I tend to only wear wigs when I have an event or special occasion to attend. I own a couple of these wigs from Sensationnel.


I love these wigs because they are quick and super stylish! They are full wigs even though they can be worn in the half wig fashion and heat can be applied. That’s why I gravitate toward kinky or curly styles. So that I can leave my hairline out for a more natural appeal.

I LOVE to pull and pic wigs that looks like this because the more you play with it the bigger and fluffier it becomes. I did take the sheers to this one as well but sparingly. Hope this helped!



The Makeup Lady

Black Opal Beauty

One word .. BOMB! These Black Opal glosses are simply .. bomb. Check out the video and click the link below to shop Violine, Sugar Plum, and Screen Gems!



Wand Curls!

Hey Y’all!!! So do you like wand curls?! I know right who DOESN’T! That’s why today’s post is all about the awesome wand curl! What I love most about the wand curl is its lasting power. The wand curls are bullet proof on 4C hair. They don’t need heavy spritz or product. The high heat produces a solid curl that remains in tack for days and days. A quality a girl like me can appreciate. As a natural I cling to styles that hold up.

The wand curler I used was by Remington and though it does the job there is one major drawback. The temperature control buttons are located on the handle and often pressed while the wand is being used. This causes fluctuations in the temperature setting and results in different types of curls throughout the head. Majority of the curling tools I own have a dial not buttons, which helps to keep the temperature stable. I recommend the wand curler by Hot Shot Tools. This curler has the exact dimensions as the Remington and it’s more sophisticated. The design of this wand is really modern and chic and the price is unbeatable!

Always always ALWAYS use a heat protectant! I use one by Silk Elements. It’s a Best Seller at Sally’s and I see why. I have mentioned it in previous videos, vlogs and blogs. It’s a staple product in my hair care arsenal. It is very light weight, smells good, feels good on the hair and most importantly WORKS!

As usual Sally Beauty offers online customers exclusive offers, deals and discounts so head over to shop these products and more TODAY!

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The Gloss is BOSS!!! It’s a Black Opal Holiday ❤️

Hey guys quick post about my new Black Opal lip gloss. I have a couple videos coming out featuring the Black Opal glosses. The one I’m wearing is Violine from the Patent Lip collection and topped with the Sugar Plum duo. The next couple videos I’m putting out is featuring the Black Opal lip glosses because they are fantastic! So be sure to check out their “Gloss & Gaze” end of year holiday sale!  Their entire collection of lip glosses are only 5 BUCKS! This offer is exclusive to online orders ONLY! They are also offering free shipping and 20% off your first order. Click the link to receive all these offers today!  Sale ends January 1st 😘

Black Opal Gloss & Gaze End of Year Holiday Sale!

Beautiful Curls!

I began this tutorial on flat ironed hair. I did this because when using rods you want the hair to be as smooth as possible, natural or not! So to avoid too much tension I simply did this style on stretched hair. What I love most about natural hair is it’s volume is maintained even when straightened. I personally do not like my hair bone straight, so I never pass the flat iron more than twice. I spritzed my entire head with water and added Motions Clear Weightless Hair Dressing just to the edges. I then shaped my hair in a bowl shape since I wanted a rounded curly fro. I used the Jumbo perm rods throughout my entire head for big voluminous curls!

Because the rods are so large I was able to use bigger sections of hair and still achieve awesome definition. To set my curls I only used Crème of Nature Style and Shine Foaming Mousse. I didn’t want stiff curls nor those horrible white flakes so I kept the product use light for this style.

The mousse claims to be liquid gold! Yeah!! That’s right on the bottle! Lol, it was pretty nice. It left me with a firm hold that was not at all drying or crunchy. I actually fell in love with this product and cannot wait to use it again! I used 1 to 2 pumps of the product when applying the cold wave rods.

I allowed my hair to set overnight and the next morning I used Big Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Argan Oil to separate my curls and I finished the look with the Lusters Pink Glosser which is made up of shea butter, jojoba oil and aloe. As you can imagine that product smells FANTASTIC and certainly left my hair with a healthy looking shine. Right now if you shop these products and more at Sally’s you will receive a FREE TOTE!

This offer is for online orders only so don’t miss out!

Faux Tapered Fro

I began the tutorial with product free hair. I wanted you guys to get a good feel for my texture. All of the tutorials in the past have been with towel dried hair, air dried hair, product included hair etc. Because I knew I would be adding lots of product to my hair for this style I didn’t want to use my traditional leave in. Instead I wanted something light and airy so I went with my perfect lightweight moisturizing leave in by Big Sexy Hair.

I finger detangled before going in and cleaning up the parts with the comb. I applied Shea Moisture Curl Soufflé to each section then worked and combed thru. I took very small sections of hair to create my Bantu Knots. Each Bantu Knot was set with the Dark & Lovely Easy Twist Gel N Butter. For a little added hold I added Eco Styler Curl and Wave Gel. Make sure to work these products through thoroughly before combing through. This helps distribute the product evenly and smooth the hair. Flawless curls aren’t achieved on frizzy hair.

I applied the same product and method to the two strand twist at the top of my head. Again taking small sections for a more defined curl. I rolled the twist away from my face using flex rods but next time I will use the cold wave rods being they yield a firming curl.

I did notice some white flakes in the top center rear crown of my head lol. On the video I saw the products were pretty heavily saturated in that area so I attribute the flakes to that. That’s why we have to use gel sparingly, IT FLAKES! The combo of these products worked perfectly for me though.

This style was allowed to set over a period of two days. Laziness chile laziness lol. By the third day I took it down. I didn’t sleep with the rods in for two days though those actually came out the next morning and I placed a stocking cap over my hair so that there would be no mobility.

Once down I separated each twist just once, unrolled the Bantu Knots in the opposite direction they were set and separated each curl just once. I used my pic to get rid of any visible parts being very careful not to pull the pic all the way through. In particular with this style I focused only on the roots since it’s supposed to be a TWA and tapered. All the volume should be at the top, I barely lifted the back and sides and focused on lifting the hair as high as possible (without disturbing the curl) in the crown, especially in the center of my head. I added bobby pins to control any curls that didn’t lay in the fashion I saw fit and I also added pins to the perimeter of the sides of my hair to lay down any protruding curls.

After laying down my baby hairs with a toothbrush I added my edge tamer scarf to mold my hair and perfect the tapered look. I can probably skip the Easy Twist next time. I think the gel defined my curls and I KNOW the soufflé is what gave me that awesome shine. I’m still trying to figure out how the Easy Twist will work best for me if at all.

Overall, I absolutely loved myself in this style it was so cute! Kinda time consuming because I have a lot of hair but worth it! I didn’t have to worry about my curls for days which is rare for me and I don’t care what product I use. My hair was even prettier the next day after sleeping on the back and sides, the tapered look was even more prevalent. This blog and vlog is for the purpose of style ideas ONLY! It is not a how to teaching twist or Bantu Knots so if you don’t know how to do either please learn those techniques before attempting to execute this style.



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Less Than 2 Years

In a little over a year I will be 35 years old! 😱😱😱 and I plan on being in the BEST shape of my life! I have already made several healthy lifestyle changes and I will be on a weight loss journey as well. I have done the drop down fast thing and I tell ya it’s hard work! In my opinion it’s better to just slowly change over time thru a modified lifestyle of closely monitoring intake and working out. I’m not going to work out daily ever probably lol. I think if we work out sometimes that’s just as good all the time in regards to health. Vanity yes all the time is better than sometimes but I’m not trying to look like a fitness lady. I like the soft look for myself. Toned and muscular looks good on a lot of ladies but it’s not my personality .. We all have to do what works for us. So by Sept. of 2015 I plan on being down between 40 & 45 pounds primarily thru modified intake.

Down 20 as of May 2014



So this is my progress .. Proud! And Happy 35th Birthday to ME!!!!! 😀

I didn’t lose what I wanted to when I wanted to but I am still on it a work in progress. My motive is health, I know that I will have some vanity benefits but I’m trying to live! 



MAC Makeup and Natural Hair Faux Hawk Tutorial

Thats right Drake like his girls BBW 😜

This weeks blog is about what its always about .. MAKEUP!!! Lol .. also threw a little hair in so if you are interested see the featured video.

Visit Sally Beauty Supply for the styling tools and hair products used to achieve this hair style.

Click the link below for discounts and free gifts!!!

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