OOTD : The Faux Suede Bootie

Hey everyone! Today’s Outfit of the Day video was a spring to summer transition outfit. Blazers are awesome style pieces and great transition pieces as well. They can be removed or added to any outfit and since it’s not quite warm enough for sleeveless I figured this was the ideal outfit to feature.

The only thing worth bragging about is the faux suede booties. I got them from a small business here in Chicago. The name on the inside of the bootie is “Forever”. So cute and comfy! I love heels I can wear all day.

The blazer I’ve had so long I can’t remember any details about it and I don’t recommend the online store I got the bodysuit from. The jeans will be featured in another post so stay tuned for that. If you decide to recreate this look tag me in your version on Instagram @OptimalBeauty ❤

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Omg everything!

The Kat Von D tattoo liquid liner in “Trooper”  is my go to eyeliner. I grab this thing like every single day ❤️ So easy to use and looks really nice. Kat Von D has made me fall in love once again with the felt tip liner! 😍

Click the link to find this beauty and follow me on Facebook at KiKi Carr to see how I used it this morning on Facebook Live!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Demo and Foundation Review

The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Rich Chestnut, EVERYTHING! And for it to be a department store brand foundation it is super reasonably priced. Cheaper than my former foundation and yet BETTER! The Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is a hit! I pretty much went on and on about the foundation in the video so be sure to check it out for more info.


The only thing I was not able to go into detail about was the MAC foundation pump. The pump works perfectly with the Double Wear foundation. The pump dispenses a fair amount, I usually use two pumps. I saw some “dupes” and  vendors reselling the MAC pump but I went with the original. The dupes and resells all cost more, plus who knows if the dupes or resales work? Going with the MAC foundation pump was the more logical and practical choice. Final conclusion, two thumbs up from me for this duo!

-The Makeup Lady

Airbrush Foundation Finish

Hey boo’s! Lit right!? Oh how I love a flawless finish. I have so many more makeup techniques I am going to share with you guys! Makeup is 10% product 90% technique. Mentioning the cosmetics I used is not necessary and running out buying a bunch of stuff is NOT the solution. The actual order of importance when it comes to beautiful makeup is technique, tools, and lastly product.


Plus, everyone is showing folks how to put a bunch of crap on their faces (rather they know how to properly do makeup or not). I’m here to show you the opposite. It’s more than just one way to do makeup. And I don’t care what’s the latest popular thing, it’s my job to feature what’s important in addition to the trends.

If you suffer from hyper-pigmentation and want to try this technique, use a concealer before beginning any steps. If the hyper-pigmentation is extreme color correct first, buff out with a stippling brush, conceal, buff out with stippling again then proceed with the steps to achieving that flawless airbrushed finish.

As I stated tools are second in command for the makeup game. So if you need brushes check out the Sedona Lace website, I hear good things. As for the cosmetics needed to get a flawless finish, a matte foundation of any kind should due. As long as it’s your EXACT shade. Sometimes foundations have to be mixed in order to achieve the perfect shade. As long as your stippling brushes are handy and the foundation matches precisely, a flawless airbrushed finish is just a flick of the wrist away. ❤

-The MakeUp Lady

AvePlus OOTD

Um where do I start!? With the long story of why I got on site and had to switch outta my awesome red heels ..

Or with the fact that I will be wearing a body shaper in my Outfit of the Day videos from here on out? Anyway .. As for that pretty colorful shirt! I love it so much! I got it at Avenue, a plus sized clothing store. When I was younger I used to squeeze into super tight clothes but I’m so over that hunty! I am all for cute and comfortable these days and the top I got from @AvePlus DEF fits the description.

I snagged this beauty off the clearance rack. It’s a little too big but that’s okay because this type of top can be worn oversized. I would normally steer clear of a garment so brightly patterned but I am trying to incorporate more liveliness into my wardrobe. My closet has minimal range as far as shades which needs to change, ESPECIALLY for spring.

I’m absolutely in love with the cut of the shirt! It’s 100% viscose which is a sheer material so its super cool, light weight, and flowy. The style has a split neckline and front closure. The sleeves along with the side hems have roll tabs which can be buttoned or unbuttoned. This blouse hits at the hips camouflaging the bum and I LOVE that! Sometimes people think plus clothes are too covered but being reserved is very sexy and at times appropriate. The blouse is not big and frumpy, its extremely flattering to the figure yet modest. No regrets for me on the purchase of this blouse. I already know its going to be my go to triple C for spring (cute comfy and cool) ❤

-The Makeup Lady

Too Much Makeup RANT!!!!

Too much makeup seems to be today’s trend. We who love to slay are actually adopting techniques the queens have used for years. Drag queens that is. That’s right the masters of illusion! But its no shade. It is so admirable and beautiful to me how artist can transform themselves using just makeup! No wax no putty… just PAINT! Now THAT’S skill!



I personally study artistic makeup. Incorporating theatrical style makeup into “normal” makeup is brilliant. It’s nothing wrong with enhancing yourself so that you can look and feel your best. Rather you know it or not, contouring and highlighting fits into the category of artistic and drag makeup. Both styles use colors, shadows and light to create features that aren’t naturally there. As you can imagine, that entails using lots and LOTS of product. Although we are not using makeup to that extent when we contour and create our shadows, we are in fact using an unnecessary amount of product.

I think the over usage of product has something to do with online makeup tutorials. Online makeup tutorials have a huge disadvantage because the amount the instructor is using becomes distorted. Makeup has light reflective qualities which transforms its appearance under artificial lighting. Therefore, it may appear as if the “experts” are using more than they actually are. And let’s not forget the tutorials are edited from hours of footage down to minutes.

When a student is solely using online tutorials to learn makeup no one is there to give corrective advise such as “that’s too much, not enough, wet your brush” etc. We are watching the “gurus” through this media screen, putting everything in its proper place and blending perfectly. But the actual amount the tutor uses is not translating. I have NEVER met ANY woman who desired to look casket ready. Sorry, but I haven’t. We all want that Kim Kardashian smoked eye paired with Beyoncés glow. Their makeup always looks subtle even if it does have an edge. And their skin looks like skin… not like they washed their faces in foundation.

Getting glammed up is fun! AND IT’S PRETTY! But the over exaggerated lashes and excess amount of makeup turns people off. Women who don’t wear makeup and lashes are afraid to even try. They are afraid of looking draggish. Makeup looks trending today mimic drag makeup. And although drag makeup is beautiful, we must keep in mind that they are men transforming themselves into women. The steps drag queens take and the amount of product they use is much different from what a natural born woman would need. Looking like a drag queen when you’re actually female is an epic #fail!

We are so focused on being “beat” we’re forgetting about clean looks. Makeup that brings out your God given beauty. Simplistic makeup on women is vanishing. Beat for the Gawdz has taken over and is the PRECISE reason “take um swimming” started. When your makeup is done you should still look like yourself, only enhanced.

No one should be able to say to themselves “I wonder what she looks like under all of THAT!?!” Don’t get me wrong, I contour my face and will rock a cut crease in a minute. It’s not about NOT doing those things its about keeping it conservative. Makeup should be treated like hair extensions, it’s there but you can’t see the tracks. You wouldn’t walk around with your tracks showing .. would you?

-The Makeup Lady



Hey y’all! So today we are talking makeup dupes. I think I said just about everything in the video… the only thing I feel like I might want to add is that if you did not like the color of the NYX brow pencil they do have other shades. I chose the color “Brunette” but they do have a range of colors, one of which might better suit your needs. As for the lippies, other people feel Covergirls Divine Divine looks like the Heroine but I think it tends to lean a little more toward MAC’s The Amp Up. For more on these and other makeup dupes check out my blog post on ChocolateCurlsBeauty.Com


How to Conceal Undereye Area

So let me first start by saying I DON’T usually use a color corrector. Typically, I color correct with a concealer that’s “orangy”. Why? Using a color corrector in addition to two different types of concealers AND a setting powder on top of that!! Too much hun. Makeup is about layers and all but DAMN! That’s a bit much. Since I no longer use setting powders on myself, a whole other topic, now is the appropriate time to use an actual corrector.

After color correcting I went in with a cream concealer. Take extra precaution when using cream concealers around the eye area. Cream concealers tend to be thick and may be too heavy for your gentle under eye area. Choose them wisely.

For my highlight I used MAC’s prolong wear concealer in NW 40. By the way, I was on the fence about the prolong wear concealer but I have finally chosen a side. Two thumb’s up! My previous one was a little too orange and it left my under eye area looking unreal … and something was wrong with the dispenser! That was super annoying but this one… my new one, PERFECTION!!!

Hey if you try this technique out tag me in your pics or vids on Instagram @OptimalBeauty! I’d love to see ❤



Hey boo’s! I decided to focus this week’s glam on one of if not THEE MOST popular looks I have ever done, OMBRÉ BROWS!! When I initially posted this look it got hundreds of likes as well as several comments and shares! In fact, those brows receive that type of love whenever I post them so I decided to film how I go about creating the infamous pink and purple ombré brows!


Whenever you see this type of vibrant awesomeness on me you can bet your last dollar it was achieved using Urban Decays Electric Pallet. I absolutely love that pallet! I use it all the time and I plan on obtaining a second one for my kit.

I also used UD’s Primer Potion (Original) and the 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in “Lust“. I absolutely love those UD pencils too! It actually does glide on and last! I was a guest blogger for Chocolate Curls Beauty a little while ago and I spoke on this fantastic pencil and how I live for “Perversion”.


I don’t know what in damn nation happened to the footage of me adding MAC’s “Blacktrack” at the tail end of the brow. I did this for a more dynamic gradient effect. Also, I normally don’t use white as intensively under the brow but it’s the perfect backdrop for these dramatic colors. MAC’s “Gesso” compliments this combination flawlessly.


Check out the video and if you try this look tag me in your work on Instagram @OptimalBeauty I would love that! XOXO ❤




Makeup & Mimosas Makeup Class

Hey everyone! My Makeup & Mimosas class was a SUCCESS!! I offer this class once a year one week before Valentines Day at a rate of 70% off! If you are in the Chicagoland area and wish to learn the art of makeup application, contouring and highlighting check me out!

This event was captured by Austin Julian of Dessin Mogul. Visit his webpage for all your cinematic needs!



My BFF couldn’t make it this year but she sent her love ❤


Banans, Green Apples, and Strawberries