Fake a Nose Job

Hey dolls! Are you ready to get SNATCHED?! Well keep on reading because this one is gonna be good. In recent years makeup has taken off like never before. Even on the most basic days we are doing it for the gawds. If you want a makeup rant click here. However, if you can do without the rant keep on reading. I must admit contouring the nose was the hardest thing for me to master as a makeup artist. It is very easy to mess up. Nose contouring requires a light touch and a level of precision Dr. Strange would be proud of. If done incorrectly the nose can be left looking bigger than its true size and dirty. A good nose contour should not take away from ones beauty, but add to it. No matter the nose shape having a full face of makeup without a nose contour is just wrong. In fact, it should be outlawed.


Sometimes dark skinned women are weary of makeup, but with the right technique there is no need to fret.

When contouring the nose I use 4 concealers; two highlights (one slightly brighter than the other), my contour shade and a flesh tone shade. It is important the contour shade is no more than 1 or 1 1/2 shades darker. A super dark contour shade might look good in photos, but it won’t transition well in real life. The first highlight shade I use to outline where the highlights should be and the brightest concealer I use to brighten. Lastly, always have a flesh tone concealer handy for any corrections. Check out the video below for a demo of how I go about achieving a flawless nose contour! XoXo ❤

The Makeup Lady

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