Chic 2-N-1 Natural Hair Updo

Hey y’all! So I felt like I haven’t brought you anything about hair in a while that’s why this weeks from the heart is all about hair! I wanted to bring you a 2-N-1 but this style is actually a million in one. Once the front portion is sectioned off it can be flat twisted, perm rodded, flat ironed, whatever! The possibilities are endless. It all depends on creativity levels and the look envisioned.

I don’t know about you all but I have to do my hair in sections. For the bottom portion I braided that upward then covered the end of the braid with the middle section of my hair using the roll and tuck method.

For style one I just pinned shaped and molded the top of the hair to my liking.


Style two I used the curl wand. The curl wand gets extremely hot so please don’t be like me, use the heat glove and protect yourself.


This I loved both styles and DEFINITELY will be rocking them again. I wanna hear your thoughts and if you try them tag me on Instagram so I can see!

-The Makeup Lady

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