Amazon Beauty

Hey loves! So today’s blog post is about being an Amazon beauty! That’s right I bet you never thought to go to Amazon.Com for all your beauty needs! Amazon has everything from Armani to Wet and Wild. If you like to customize your pallets then this blog post is definitely for you! Compared to compacts sold by MAC or Anastasia Beverly Hills this shadow well is a STEAL!

Leegoal 12 PCS Empty Eye Shadow Makeup Palette 


It’s magnetic, easily transports and stores eye shadow pro pallet refill pans. If you visit my Facebook profile, KiKi Carr, and click on videos you will see the actual product and hear advice on what products work best with the compact. The portion surrounding the aluminum pans is cushion not plastic. That is about the only difference between the Leegoal and the ones sold by prestigious companies.

This is a look I did with my customized Leegoal pallet. I filled my compact with shadows from MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills. For more information on what was used during this look visit me on Facebook at KiKi Carr. ❤

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