Airbrush Foundation Finish

Hey boo’s! Lit right!? Oh how I love a flawless finish. I have so many more makeup techniques I am going to share with you guys! Makeup is 10% product 90% technique. Mentioning the cosmetics I used is not necessary and running out buying a bunch of stuff is NOT the solution. The actual order of importance when it comes to beautiful makeup is technique, tools, and lastly product.


Plus, everyone is showing folks how to put a bunch of crap on their faces (rather they know how to properly do makeup or not). I’m here to show you the opposite. It’s more than just one way to do makeup. And I don’t care what’s the latest popular thing, it’s my job to feature what’s important in addition to the trends.

If you suffer from hyper-pigmentation and want to try this technique, use a concealer before beginning any steps. If the hyper-pigmentation is extreme color correct first, buff out with a stippling brush, conceal, buff out with stippling again then proceed with the steps to achieving that flawless airbrushed finish.

As I stated tools are second in command for the makeup game. So if you need brushes check out the Sedona Lace website, I hear good things. As for the cosmetics needed to get a flawless finish, a matte foundation of any kind should due. As long as it’s your EXACT shade. Sometimes foundations have to be mixed in order to achieve the perfect shade. As long as your stippling brushes are handy and the foundation matches precisely, a flawless airbrushed finish is just a flick of the wrist away. ❤

-The MakeUp Lady

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