How to Conceal Undereye Area

So let me first start by saying I DON’T usually use a color corrector. Typically, I color correct with a concealer that’s “orangy”. Why? Using a color corrector in addition to two different types of concealers AND a setting powder on top of that!! Too much hun. Makeup is about layers and all but DAMN! That’s a bit much. Since I no longer use setting powders on myself, a whole other topic, now is the appropriate time to use an actual corrector.

After color correcting I went in with a cream concealer. Take extra precaution when using cream concealers around the eye area. Cream concealers tend to be thick and may be too heavy for your gentle under eye area. Choose them wisely.

For my highlight I used MAC’s prolong wear concealer in NW 40. By the way, I was on the fence about the prolong wear concealer but I have finally chosen a side. Two thumb’s up! My previous one was a little too orange and it left my under eye area looking unreal … and something was wrong with the dispenser! That was super annoying but this one… my new one, PERFECTION!!!

Hey if you try this technique out tag me in your pics or vids on Instagram @OptimalBeauty! I’d love to see ❤

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