I think everyone has a love hate relationship with wash day. We love to slow down, pamper ourselves, and give our bodies some much needed TLC but that tender love and care takes lots of work patience and time. Every natural knows wash day is an all-day event which makes it kinda dreadful. But knowing what works for you personally and sticking to a formula helps.

For this hairstyle I wanted to keep the product use light once again. I heard somewhere that those awful white flakes are a result of saturating the hair too much with styler so these days I opt for the Crème of Nature Foaming Mousse.



It works on wet or dry hair and leaves me with a firm yet soft hold. I never experience crunch or flakes when I use the “liquid gold” that’s why when in doubt I turn to what I know works. Check out my #washday video to see how I achieved this look and visit Sally’s for the styling mousse.



Ur 2 Cents

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