There is one thing EVERY naturalista must have .. options! Being #TeamNatural ain’t easy, and it surely isn’t cheap. There are occasions we just don’t have the money or time to make some of our favorite hairstyles, so in those instances, we need other options! I love to rock hats, scarves, and wigs. These options are not only quick easy and cute, they are also protective. They give your tresses a chance to just chill. I tend to only wear wigs when I have an event or special occasion to attend. I own a couple of these wigs from Sensationnel.


I love these wigs because they are quick and super stylish! They are full wigs even though they can be worn in the half wig fashion and heat can be applied. That’s why I gravitate toward kinky or curly styles. So that I can leave my hairline out for a more natural appeal.

I LOVE to pull and pic wigs that looks like this because the more you play with it the bigger and fluffier it becomes. I did take the sheers to this one as well but sparingly. Hope this helped!



The Makeup Lady

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