Wand Curls!

Hey Y’all!!! So do you like wand curls?! I know right who DOESN’T! That’s why today’s post is all about the awesome wand curl! What I love most about the wand curl is its lasting power. The wand curls are bullet proof on 4C hair. They don’t need heavy spritz or product. The high heat produces a solid curl that remains in tack for days and days. A quality a girl like me can appreciate. As a natural I cling to styles that hold up.

The wand curler I used was by Remington and though it does the job there is one major drawback. The temperature control buttons are located on the handle and often pressed while the wand is being used. This causes fluctuations in the temperature setting and results in different types of curls throughout the head. Majority of the curling tools I own have a dial not buttons, which helps to keep the temperature stable. I recommend the wand curler by Hot Shot Tools. This curler has the exact dimensions as the Remington and it’s more sophisticated. The design of this wand is really modern and chic and the price is unbeatable!

Always always ALWAYS use a heat protectant! I use one by Silk Elements. It’s a Best Seller at Sally’s and I see why. I have mentioned it in previous videos, vlogs and blogs. It’s a staple product in my hair care arsenal. It is very light weight, smells good, feels good on the hair and most importantly WORKS!

As usual Sally Beauty offers online customers exclusive offers, deals and discounts so head over to shop these products and more TODAY!

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