Faux Tapered Fro

I began the tutorial with product free hair. I wanted you guys to get a good feel for my texture. All of the tutorials in the past have been with towel dried hair, air dried hair, product included hair etc. Because I knew I would be adding lots of product to my hair for this style I didn’t want to use my traditional leave in. Instead I wanted something light and airy so I went with my perfect lightweight moisturizing leave in by Big Sexy Hair.

I finger detangled before going in and cleaning up the parts with the comb. I applied Shea Moisture Curl Soufflé to each section then worked and combed thru. I took very small sections of hair to create my Bantu Knots. Each Bantu Knot was set with the Dark & Lovely Easy Twist Gel N Butter. For a little added hold I added Eco Styler Curl and Wave Gel. Make sure to work these products through thoroughly before combing through. This helps distribute the product evenly and smooth the hair. Flawless curls aren’t achieved on frizzy hair.

I applied the same product and method to the two strand twist at the top of my head. Again taking small sections for a more defined curl. I rolled the twist away from my face using flex rods but next time I will use the cold wave rods being they yield a firming curl.

I did notice some white flakes in the top center rear crown of my head lol. On the video I saw the products were pretty heavily saturated in that area so I attribute the flakes to that. That’s why we have to use gel sparingly, IT FLAKES! The combo of these products worked perfectly for me though.

This style was allowed to set over a period of two days. Laziness chile laziness lol. By the third day I took it down. I didn’t sleep with the rods in for two days though those actually came out the next morning and I placed a stocking cap over my hair so that there would be no mobility.

Once down I separated each twist just once, unrolled the Bantu Knots in the opposite direction they were set and separated each curl just once. I used my pic to get rid of any visible parts being very careful not to pull the pic all the way through. In particular with this style I focused only on the roots since it’s supposed to be a TWA and tapered. All the volume should be at the top, I barely lifted the back and sides and focused on lifting the hair as high as possible (without disturbing the curl) in the crown, especially in the center of my head. I added bobby pins to control any curls that didn’t lay in the fashion I saw fit and I also added pins to the perimeter of the sides of my hair to lay down any protruding curls.

After laying down my baby hairs with a toothbrush I added my edge tamer scarf to mold my hair and perfect the tapered look. I can probably skip the Easy Twist next time. I think the gel defined my curls and I KNOW the soufflé is what gave me that awesome shine. I’m still trying to figure out how the Easy Twist will work best for me if at all.

Overall, I absolutely loved myself in this style it was so cute! Kinda time consuming because I have a lot of hair but worth it! I didn’t have to worry about my curls for days which is rare for me and I don’t care what product I use. My hair was even prettier the next day after sleeping on the back and sides, the tapered look was even more prevalent. This blog and vlog is for the purpose of style ideas ONLY! It is not a how to teaching twist or Bantu Knots so if you don’t know how to do either please learn those techniques before attempting to execute this style.



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