Plus Size Fashion at Macy’s

This ENTIRE outfit came from Macy’s ( My Holy Grail GoTo Store 🙌 lbvvs ) Everything except the belt but I’m certain they sell a slue of brown patent leather belts. Not sure where I got the one I’m wearing, it’s nothing special about it ..  I’ve had it forever .. So! On to this outfit girl!

The Top

That top tho! 😍 I absolutely LOVE! It’s by Vince Camuto and I simply adore all of his stuff. From the fragrances to the clothes and shoes. He really has a sense of what a curvy girl like myself needs! The top is sheer and polyester making it super lightweight comfy and cool! Yaaaaas bish! Wurk Camuto! Don’t nobody wanna be hot out here in these streets! You can choose to tie the front of the top in a bow or simply let the tassels hang. The elastic on the wrist gives a tapered look and makes it easy to wear the sleeves up or down without fear of stretching your good garment or being inflicted with the continuous need of having to constantly push the sleeves up. The best part about this shirt is its size! It’s a medium! 😱😱😱🙌 Go Vince Go! Yes you are right! I AM medium! 😂😂😂

The Skirt

The floral pattern skirt is from another brand that slays for us plus size gals. International Concepts Better known as INC. It’s flared, zips up the back, and is super duper comfortable! The cut of this skirt compliments any figure. Advise tho .. Wear a full panty underneath .. I had that Marilyn Monroe action happen to me a couple times 😂 It’s such a light and flowy material. Extremely dainty ❤️ Best thing about this skirt, it was only 17 bucks! Straight off the clearance rack! If you don’t know Macy’s sells nothing but designer. Can’t believe you chicks didn’t dig this! Thanks tho! 😜

The SHOES! 😍

Ok umm. Where Jess at? I need her number cuz she did dat! These MAGNIFICENTLY classy patent leather pumps are by Jessica Simpson. Nude in color which makes them go with EV ER Y THING! 🙌😍 Dress them up like I did or down with some distressed jeans and a tank. After breaking them in they are sooo comfortable. You can literally press down on the cushioning inside of this shoe. To die for you hear me! TO DIE!

The Purse

This purse is a coach handbag. Leather. Stylish. Trendy. Can be worn as a clutch, on the shoulder or across the body. That’s why I wear this bag when I’m going to be on the move like when out of town or at a concert. Perfect for when you want and need to be hands free. Compact and perfectly durable. Ideal for those not toting around a ton of stuff. It’s weather proof and did I mention cute! Again, the nudish color allows this purse to transition through any style. ❤️

I am an extreme lover of this outfit. It’s summery, feminine, and colorful. So flattering. The different colors, patterns, and textures flow together seamlessly and intricately.

Love matching my shoes with my bag. I’m sure it’s a rap song out there somewhere talkin’ about women like me 😏👠🎒 This will DEFINITELY be a go to outfit for when the goal is dress to IMPRESS! Appropriate for a first date, church, or work. Just all around life!

Check out this weeks YouTube to view this skirt and me in action 😘

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