Relaxed Look On 4C Natural Hair

Hi All! Me and my baby girl went to the #JCole concert last week so I had to be on FLEEK and the concert was ahMazING btw!

We were twins with our hair and rompers ☺️ that’s all her tho.. she woke up like this 😝


The Style

A carpenter can’t lay carpet without the proper tools. That’s why it’s so important for a fashionista to invest in her tools! Good makeup brushes and styling tools are must haves. Both can cost you hundreds of dollars but you don’t have to go that far. Getting the most expensive isn’t necessary but please DON’T get the cheapest. Spending 30 to 50 dollars on a good set of makeup brushes and styling tools is proper. I love shopping at Sally’s for my hair and nail stuff because it’s a pro store. They sell salon quality products which separates them from the Walmart’s, Target’s and local beauty supply stores.


The Products
• Silk Elements Megasilk Heat Protection Spray
• Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo & Deep Treatment Masque (I won’t be purchasing that shampoo again I like the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore Shampoo much better, the moisture retention doesn’t lather enough for me)
• Cream of Nature Perfect Edges and Butterlicious Curls
• Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil
• Jane Carter Nourish and Shine
• Fantasia Spritz
• Revlon Color Silk dye in Natural Black & Color Trak Extra Wide Tint Brush for extensions


The Tools
• Helen of Troy Gold Series Blow Dryer. I think this was limited edition but ALL of her styling tools are the business.. trust me!
• Jilbere Ceramic 1 ½ “ Flat Irons
• Ion Ionic Ceramic Brush
• Tool Structure Jumbo Rake Comb
• Goody Brush and Ouchless Elastic Bands
• Denmen 9 Row Classic Styling Brush


The Clip Ins
This is the hair I was expecting.

Not at all what I got but I made it work. I paid less than 20 bucks for the hair shipping included from Ali Express. The description is Coarse Yaki 16” Brazilian Virgin. Even though I wanted a kinky texture the hair I received was still nice. It took well to the dye, its super soft, secure clips, clean wefts, and didn’t burn when I put about 400 degrees of heat to it. The texture is just not what I was looking for.
Store: Strawberry Love
Seller: Wei Zhao


The Technique
I have a video on how i styled the bun. It’s the same ole kanekalon braid I used before and will continue to use. I just wrapped it around itself and pinned it down. I didn’t blow dry the top because 4C hair is best molded when wet. Blow drying would a fail because the gel is wet and would have made it revert plus the edges would have crept back up after a while. If you find that your edges just won’t lay flat, saturate the hair with water then apply the gel and follow that up with an edge control. Wrap the hair and let it set. The edges will lay flat and won’t budge.


Shop the edge control or any of the other products at your local Sally’s or at their online boutique. Use the link below for free shipping!
sally trans

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