GRWM Eyes Lips and Face Elf Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 

OMG I was soooo excited to do this makeup tutorial because I am BACK in love with my Smokey Eye ELF pallet again. You know how you love your new stuff then it kinda gets old cuz you have more new stuff but then one day you revisit your old love and fall in love all over again!?!? 😃 Well that’s what happened here.. I have been back on my smokey eye ELF pallet … heavy! I am so in love with the blue and the brown is to die for 🙌 I love ELF because the products are soooo good and the prices are beyond reasonable. I love their brush set. This is the one I have

Unbelievable price for this quality brush set. I have had mines for years. I absolutely love it and recommend this set to all my clients. ❤️ Now that you have had your entree time for a lil dessert! Their newest addition a wonderful makeup collection, pink sorbet!

A mineral collection of beautiful pink nudes. 🙌 Can’t wait to cop that sweet treat! Right now ELF is having a free gift with purchase promotional special so click the link below and shop while the gettin’s good!

For a complete list of products used to create this look check under the “Videos” tab and while your there visit my YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe! 😃

One Comment on “GRWM Eyes Lips and Face Elf Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 

  1. It looks gorgeous, also would you mind checking out my blog and maybe leave a couple of likes and comments?

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