MAC Summer 2015 Matte Lipstick Collection

If you haven’t already heard MAC is coming out / has come out with a summer 2015 lip collection.








These items have been available for purchase online since May 28th and will be in store literally in a couple of days (June 11th). Half of the lippies are “retro” and half are new. The one I am trying to dup here is Royal (last lipstick featured in the first set of lippies). It’s described as a deep blue. The great debate! Is it blue or is it purple?! Dependent upon the person viewing but from what I have seen on Instagram by the people already flexin’ in it & poppin’ off selfies the color seems to be a deep eggplant purple, which I absolutely fell in love with at first site by the way. I got this color by mixing 3 witches (a vegan matte lipstick), MAC Cyber and Night Moth.



Oh but how I wish my budget would allow for the real thing 😩  I’m going to go swatch it and try it on of course and even if the lippie I concocted turns our to be a total fail in comparison to the real thing it’s still an amazing shade. If need be I can add a little Envy by NYX to blue it up 😏. “Men love mystery” and “Instigator” are also colors I would love to try. All deep tones which are supposed to be reserved for cooler months but I am with MAC! Times are changing! No more old school rules! I’m sporting white after Labor Day and wearing deep lips during the summer dammit! 😂


If you’re interested in my foundation check out my video centered around this look on my YouTube channel. Also let me know if you would like to see more product review videos and GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos by yours truly 🙂


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