Protective Hair Styles

So .. I told you guys I would be doing protective styles for the next few months in an attempt to maximize growth before my 2 year hair aversary … Technically I’ve been natural since 2010 .. I tried to transition and ended up with heat damage so I big chopped sept. 30 / oct. 1 2012 .. Protective styles for me usually means just scarfs and hats but I have a few hairstyles I’m gonna do as well .. Coils .. Buns .. Roll & tucks and Goddess braids .. I was on YouTube and I found a couple of different ways to do a goddess braid using kanekalon hair so I’m gonna try that in addition to my traditional goddess braid using solely my hair .. I’m also gonna protective style because winter is coming up and colder seasons are usually more drying to the hair .. My hair .. I don’t have a desire for my hair to get too long. I love full hair more than long hair.. And even tho I love my fro, I am leaning towards more neat refined in place type of hair .. As oppose to the wild look a fro offers .. So yea .. Here are all of the protective styles I rocked between July 2014 and May 2015 ( 10 months ) ❤️






The braids are just box braids with my own hair. I simply washed & conditioned & used the loco method to seal the moisture ( leave in, oil, cream moisturizer, oil). My leave in was kinky curly knot today .. Coconut oil .. Cream moisturizer and lastly castor oil.






Most people only do loc but my hair can never get enough oil. So I just add the castor oil to my cream moisturizer and voilà! Loco and loc combined in one lol .. And I’m tellin you guys this method really works for retaining moisture. With all that in your hair tho let it dry a little bit. I put chunky twist in and allowed the hair to dry for hours. When it’s still a little damp but mostly dry I rewet the hair with Alikay Naturals leave in lemon grass conditioner. Not drench .. Lightly mist .. Then section the hair into four. I begin at the back with a small section which I add a styler to. In this case carols daughter milk then miss Jessie’s baby butter Creme & castor oil moisture ( yes I used both ) and lastly a hold. I used the Murray’s edge control .. I brushed all that thru using my denmen. This worked for me .. I use a little of each thing not a glob. It may sound like a lot but it’s not if you use it sparingly. If your hair is thin I recommend taking out the second castor moisture mix step. After the section has product applied part and braid … These braids were pretty small but medium braids would work just as well. Once all your hair is in box braids pin the back up, twist the front and your done ❤️

Quick style for school ❤️


Styled wrap


Roll & Tuck w/ braid in the back


High Bun w/ pandora’ hump in front


My 8 year old daughter .. Nuthin but legs and hair lol smh 😘❤️☺️


Got my hair cut in layers and straightened .. Hey it was FREE! 😁


Valentine’s Day hair .. Not a good shot of the back but I will recreate this style and post again ☺️

















Super tired but that didn’t stop me from bringing you the modified version

Protective style I did on baby girl

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