I Like It!

So! In my latest blog Product Junkie I mentioned that I recently purchased a new beeswax edge tamer by Murray’s I was thrilled to try as a styler.

I initially wanted to use it on a blow out but again I’m focused on protecting my hair so I opted out of the heat. Plus I’m trying to master the stretching technique. I have stretched my hair before and tho it’s NOTHING … lol .. like hair stretched by heat it does offer the length heat offers.

Because I was so anxious to try the product I just re-wet my dry clean hair with a water spritz bottle and got to twisting. Because my hair was damp and this product doesn’t have any slip I paired it with one of my staple products ( Shea Moisture Curl Soufflé ) which does offer slip. My hair had major definition, shine and moisture. There was a residue but as I stated before I don’t mind that at all. Not only does the film help to lock in moisture it also gives hair weight. I don’t necessary like or desire a film or residue on my hair but I don’t mind it either .. The only things I can’t handle from products are drying out the hair or white flakes 😖😖😖. I know the Shea Moisture leaves a residue and I’m sure the wax might .. I mean it’s wax .. But again .. I don’t know because I didn’t use the product alone. I’m heavy handed with the products too so I may just be using too much .. But as far as the Murray’s ..

I like it!!!!


The product worked / works for me and I can’t wait to try it on my blowout. I will be able to use the product alone because slip isn’t necessary for me when styling a blowout. I can come back at that time and give an update about the residue / film. The style lasted 2 days without losing definition which was excellent for me lol .. No matter what I do to my hair it always ends up in a fro! Lots of products will give me texture and definition but the point is for how long .. Here is a screenshot off my Instagram of the definition I received using Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

And this is how I looked by the end of the night 😳

Can u say Sideshow Bob 😂😂😂. The Kinky Curly Curling Custard is the only product that made my curls last for daaaaaaaaaays! Yea it was a tad crunchy initially but not to the extreme … plus the curls softened over time while still retaining the definition .. That’s why I am so impressed with the wax soufflé combo longevity because I know iFro 😆😆😆. I probably could have gotten a third day out of it but I just spritzed with water, re twisted and added perm rods to the ends again ..

These are chunkier than my initial twist but that’s ok .. Sure the results will still be the same. No additional product was added .. I didn’t even use hair utensils! Like I said the combo was super moisturizing so all I did was finger part, smooth the water thru using my hands and fingers then twist. Less film was present yet the hair kept it’s shine .. I’m pretty impressed. I will definitely be pairing the two again ❤️


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