Wow yet another FEATURE!!! I have been featured on @teamnatural_ twice @alikaynaturals twice on both Curl Kitchen pages, don’t ask lol .. @curlkitchen @consciousafro .. On @protectivestyles and many more so come on over to my Instagram @optimalbeauty & see what all the fuss is about 😁😘🙌
For this style I simply parted my hair in two sections & loosely braided. This style is simple & chic. Both professional & sexy! I’m gonna rock it a lot this summer because it’s cute, low maintenance, and a protective style. I only have a few months until my 2 yr big chop aversary and I wanna try and maximize growth. Which means lots of water on the hair itself and minimal manipulation for the next 3 months! I plan on letting someone straighten it for me. I may go to my old beauty salon because if I go to someone new and I get heat damaged it’s gonna be a problem lol .. Take care loves we will talk again soon ❤️



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