Detangling Method for the GAWDS!

Today is the first day in a long time I blow dried my hair on high heat I usually use medium never cool 👌the first two pics is freshly washed right out the shower wit a lil knot today in .. I feel like it’s bigger in person lol.. Anyhoo …
I found the PERFECT detangling routine / products for #naturalistas!!! I wash my hair in conditioner .. Yup u read right .. I rarely use shampoo .. But the shampoo & conditioner set I use is “Smooth As Silk” by Giovanni. A brand found in walmart .. Not with the regular shampoo’s & conditioners. At least not in my city. In Chicago it’s kept by the Burt’s Bee products. Giovanni has lots of different kinds of shampoos & conditioners .. tea tree, revitalize etc. I use the deep moisture tho .. On the rare occasions I use the shampoo I put the conditioner on first then the shampoo. I thoroughly rinse then co wash it with my favorite Garnier conditioner .. I only use straight shampoo if I have been in chlorine or at the beach around sand .. And after thoroughly rinsing I used 3 times as much of the Garnier conditioner as I used shampoo .. I like my hair to feel soft when I get out of the shower. Not crunchy. But I digress. If ur hair is thick course and eats oil like there’s no tomorrow then this detangling routine just may be for u ❤️❤️❤️ wash ur hair in Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine conditioner .. This leaves the hair feeling soft and smelling delish! Without drying your hair in any way add the kinky curly knot today leave in conditioner until you have your desired slip. For me a small mountain of conditioner in the palm of my hand works lol. That may sound like a lot but truly it’s not. You only need enough where as you can section you hair with ease .. If strings are poppin or it’s difficult to manipulate add more knot today. Detangling should be a breeze at this point not difficult at all .. Section the hair and add castor oil to each section. First distribute thru out hair with hands & fingers and finish distributing throughout with a Demi brush ..the Demi brush should glide thru the hair with ease! My hair has NEVER been this easy to detangle! This will be my permanent method 🙌 let me knw if this method worked for u. 😘


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