All About the Lash!

Hey girls! Are you into lashes!? If not, it’s a must that you get into them! Especially if you like to wear makeup! The lash enhances the whole look!
Featured here is a lash by Ardell and it was super light! This is more of a whispy lash which is always hot and looks a lot more natural.20140405-093522.jpg

When your eyes are open people should not see a heavy lash. The lash affect should only be seen upon closing the eyes or looking down. Anything else looks a tad artificial. Don’t forget to Glide me with any makeup questions or concerns and like my photos if you’re on the Sephora website shopping. Just go under the Inspire Me tab and click on the Beauty Board. Once there type OptimalBeauty in Beauty Board search engine and BAM!! YOUR ON! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤20140405-094316.jpg

My outfit : Blazer by Jones Wear, thats a brand typically found at Macy’s or JC Penny. Two of my favorite stores, and not because I used to work for them lol. Shirt and fatigue leggins Ashley Stewart, another go to store of mines. And again, not because I worked for them years ago either lol. Belt Akira, shoes MK (Michael Kors). Earrings can be found at Macys and the hair was a rod set gone bad. I added my favorite product to it, Olive Oil Smooth N Hold by ORS, the night before along with some water and conditioner and the next day fluffed with a pic. I was so happy it turned out awesome because honestly when the rod set went finito after only 2 days I was quite disappointed. But it made me realize I had gotten away from the health of my hair. I have been blow drying more often than I needed to and just NOT being concerned with my moisture levels. And we do that sometimes. We can get so wrapped up in style that we ignore the health of our hair. My objective when adding the favorite product was to add moisture to my hair. Because not only did it look bad. It felt bad. So I’m back on the healthy hair journey! My primary concern will be how my hair feels. How it looks will just have to come secondary to that. Lets all cross our fingers and hope I can continue to have a style that looks good AND feels good 😉





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